Preseason 2021 G4: Hawks vs Heat 10/14/2021 7:000PM


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Our worthy opponent has announced that their entire team will be inactive tonight.

If this is their way of doing a slap in the face, they have been successful.  The entire purpose of pre season games, to me, is to play everyone and be a worthy opponent.  We will have no resistance tonight from what we read.  Stinks!  Read their inactive list.

Hawks want to get a feel for their entire available roster.  Of our 20, only two are listed as unavailable.  Will not mean a lot with no expected competition.  

Maybe it's not as bad as I think.  Maybe our opponent wins tonight.  Yeah.  Like Charlotte won last night!

Grrr.  Hawks, make your free throws (if you have any)!


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13 hours ago, bleachkit said:

Injuries are going to decide our. season unfortunately. Hard to win with half the team in and out of the line up. Hopefully we are healthy come playoff time. 

Trae and Capela are the two key guys we need healthy.  Maybe add Bogi to that list as we had our highest winning percentage when he played healthy.  Last year Solo and Huerter were the Ironmen who played multiple positions when needed.  If we can win a lot of games with Solo in the lineup regularly, I think we can win with a limited roster again if needed.  

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