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I think it's pretty fair to say that Luka is better than Trae and likely will always be better than Trae


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9 minutes ago, NBASupes said:

Luka looking like ass v. LAC. They might get smoked the way we got smoked by them

his line 16, 6, 6, 7 Luka has a chance at a quadruple double, pts, assists, rebs and tos😏

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1 hour ago, GameTime said:

You really think 10 assists per game is his peak? He is already averaging 9 a game with these scrub bigs and shooters we have on the team now. I think he can lead the league for many years in assists if he has the right personnel.

Stockton/Nash numbers in assists (12-13 APG)........

So......... 25 PPG, 13 APG, and 4 RPG are MVP numbers.

I think his peak includes playing off the ball. So, you hopefully see Reddish and Huerter doing some of the ball handling and getting assists too. You also see the hockey assists and bigs getting free throws instead of turnovers (which is on them), which don’t show up as assists but show his control of the offense.

Trae can get all of the assists he wants. I’m more into how he moves the ball for the team, not the one pass for a shot. 

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2 minutes ago, terrell said:

Mavs came back down to earth tonight...

THeyre pretty good. Clippers are just better..

I'll give them credit for winning the games they were supposed to win. But I was expecting more than this after all the hype. 

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