Official Drinking Knickerbocker Tears Thread

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{NSFW ALERT} I can smell the White Claw from Dollar Tree Gilbert Gottfried through the screen

{NSFW ALERT, and somehow it's stuck on repeat so NSFW ALERT. Did I mention, NSFW ALERT?}


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6 minutes ago, Final_quest said:

It would be the most Knicks thing ever to get swept by the Hawks when they finally become relevant again.  

And then Randle comes back down to being Randle next year and the team goes back to sucking for another 3-5 seasons. 

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2 hours ago, lethalweapon3 said:

"Put me in, coach! I'm ready to guard Trae! Today! (I am still on the team, right?)"


dude please tell me that's photoshopped he doesn't really have a fortnite sport jacket

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