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Official Game Thread: Nets at Hawks


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Another key returnee for Brooklyn is backup guard Dennis Smith, who had 10 points, 6 assists and 11 boards in the win over Orlando. Depth remains a bit of an issue. Beyond Gameboy Simmons (the nerve of that guy's back), second-string wing Lonnie Walker has been out with a strained hammy. Noah Clowney and Dariq Whitehead are joined with all the two-way players on Long Island G-League Duty.

Nothing new on the Hawks' side of the Boo-Boo Report.

The last three home games versus Brooklyn have been decided by three points or fewer. Correction: by two points or fewer.


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19 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:


Not to be mistaken with ISE. 😐


20 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:


With Tammy (Tommy) 😐


21 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:


 I pronounced that waaaayyyy wrong 🤭 :boobs:


25 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

Once Jalen returns, it may be time to consider deploying Hunter as the on-ball defender who enters games in tandem with sixth-man Bogi Bogdanovic, helping Bogi hold back opposing offenses more often than he currently does Young.

Please yes 🙌 

25 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

similar argument can be made for Capela

See above 👆🏿 

25 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:


I was doing that in 2K with certain matchups. OO can handle it. He’s up to the task, a position change ain’t gonna faze him believe that.


26 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

Whatever it takes for me to be on the court longer, I’ll do it,”

Yup, that’s why he’s my guy, he will do ANYTHING FOR THE TEAM.


27 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

I’ll stop there for now.

Nooooo! I love it baby keep it comin!!!


27 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

No idea why I’m so grumpy.

Water 💦 a walk, perhaps a nap 😴 get well soon ❤️‍🩹. You da man Lethal! Thanks 🙏🏿 You did all this through grumpiness? I wouldn’t have last more than a sentence or two before… well you know 😆.


Go Hawks!!!! 


Vegas has Hawks -3.5

2k has Hawks by 19 and Trae go nutty 🌰 and DJ & Bogi mess around and both nearly triple double.







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After this game, we will have finished a quarter of the season. 20 games. What a roller coaster - it SUCKS.

I can't even say we are back at home so we shoukd be good. We have not made The Farm be a real home court advantage with a losing record of 4-5. Smh.

Too many slow starts. We have struggled starting games at home giving up wide open 3s and 2nd chance points. Can we have a better effort in quarter one. Then play a full 48 minutes on both sides of the ball?

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 Most guys played ok or better in the 1st half ,but OO still looks meh as hell.. smh


He picked it up a little in his final stretch after the timeout, but good grief he's been disappointing this season...

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