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I am back from my PP/PCP, my stress levels were too high and causing some issues but I am back. Just gotta relax. My professional job is stressful as well as family and my personal life but I am good

Tonight: Hawks draft Okungwu March/April: "we are still waiting on that toe to get all the way healed, we really can't put a timetable on it."

Actual footage of Edward's agent seeing the interview:

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The wait is absolutely killing me ...come on what the f**k happened ! 

Just now, thecampster said:

Yep we are actually hearing things about 1 hour after the fact. News will trickle in over the next hour.


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Time's Up

Time's up,the rivers have no life
Time's up,the world is full of strife
Time's up,the sky is falling
Time's up,the Lord is calling

How you gonna stop the clock
When the well runs dry
All the rivers have died
Moment by moment, day by day
The world is just slipping away
Your future won't save your past
The time is now, it won't last
The time is nigh
Time to do-or-die

Time waits for no one
If you want to go on
Leave me something to grow on
The forests, the trees, the rivers, the seas
All die of this disease

Time ain't on your side
Don't sit idly by
You've just got to try

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1 minute ago, Atlantaholic said:

Pretty good job by Schlenk. We got rid of Parker and Len and picked up to Centers that should help us out a ton on defense. Needed outside shooter, but those are at a premium these days. Glad we didn't overpay for anyone during a lost season.

The CC deal was good. Nothing else moves the needle much.

I’d say a B overall.

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