Official Game Thread: Hornets at Hawks


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29 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

But Bridges has crossed over from Just a Dunker into Most Improved Player territory as Charlotte’s leading scorer (20.8 PPG on 16.7 shots per game, up from 12.7 and 9.4 as a sixth-man last season). Miles’ full-floor presence (6.1 D-Rebs per game, behind only LaMelo’s 6.2) also alleviates pressure on Gordon Hayward (41.8 3FG%) to be a stout post presence at both ends

He has been a fantasy wiz for me. I didn’t think he would do this well when I drafted him, nice. Just don’t do it in a win tonight. :applause:


31 minutes ago, lethalweapon3 said:

Charlotte’s daring and dazzling playmakers make them must-see TV in the Land O' League Pass.

No lies.

Awesome lw3!

Go Hawks!

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2 hours ago, RedDawg#8 said:

Just want a win. Doesn't mean anything other than we are another game closer to .500.

We lost 6 in a row. It'd be nice to get 6 right back.

True, it's early in the season and the Hawks need to get to .500 and well beyond that to prove they're for real. But I'm hoping that the game versus Milwaukee was the turning point where the Hawks remembered they were a freak ankle injury and two games away from the NBA Finals. That is why I think this game is important. I'd like to see them get on a roll like they did after the All Star break last season. 

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27 minutes ago, Dnice said:

Did sothron record Where the buzz began on NBATV?    Lol

Yes, watching it now.

I'm worried about the LJ jersey karma in this game. I've been a low key Hornets fan since the LJ/Zo days and they have a very fun team to watch and cheer for. I'm definitely cheering for the Hawks but I'm worried my LJ jersey might betray us.

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